NEW TOWN KOLKATA GREEN SMART CITY CORPORATION LIMITED invitesdesign ideas for “Vertical lifting proposals for transporting people from subway corridor to the ground level” from interested architects/ engineers, vertical transportation manufacturers, contractors, or other interested parties.


(i) The said subway is located below the Major Arterial Road (Street No. 1111) at Action Area I, New Town Kolkata, near Animikha Housing Complex.
(ii) At present users have to climb staircase of over 40 steps comprising a vertical height of around 6 meters to reach the ground level from the subway corridor. Some users, particularly senior citizens have indicated that they are facing difficulty using the steps to reach the ground level on either side of the Major Arterial Road.
(iii) The City Authority is exploring the possibility of identifying an innovative lifting solution through this Hackathon. Interested parties are invited to share their vertical lifting proposal at both extremities of the subway corridor (indicated as LOCATION-I and LOCATION-II in the appended drawings) for elevating people to the ground level at either periphery of the Major Arterial Road.
(iv) In addition to the indicative drawings, that provide an understanding of the existing subway; interested participants are encouraged to conduct a site visit to familiarize themselves with the project. For any further queries you may contact us on
(v) All participants are requested to send their entries in pdf format only (maximum 20 MB). The submission of entries can be by via email: or may be through the UPLOAD tab given below.
(vi) If submitting by email and the file is too large to be attached, then a link can be mentioned in the mail (Google Drive/ Drop Box/ Youtube/ Facebook etc.). The file should be saved in the following format “name-phone number”


Evaluation of the entries will be conducted by a panel of judges comprising officials from WBHIDCO/NKDA. Shortlisted entries will be invited to present their proposal to the panel and winning entries will be published on the NKDA / WBHIDCO / NKGSCCL websites and facebook pages.

Important Dates

Date Event

Notification on Website

8thJune 2020

Deadline for submission of entries

27 June 2020

Evaluation of entries

29June – 03July 2020


6 July 2020

Disclaimer: All entries in the competition will be the property of HIDCO/NKDA. WBHIDCO/NKDA reserves the right to use any of the ideas/designs received without any compensation to the participant.

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