Shri Debashis Sen
Addl. Chief Secretary to Govt of West Bengal, Chairman, NKGSCCL

Dear Visitor,

Government of West Bengal has embarked upon a journey to promote green initiatives, named as ‘Green City Mission’ across the state

One cannot deny the rapid urbanization at present. To be at par, even better than the rest of the world, swift progress in urbanization is a must to make opportunities for the people, to provide better services to citizens and provide solutions for pollution control among many other such focused initiatives. The way, New Town has become a face of Modern Kolkata, I believe, with the successful implementation of New Town Kolkata Green Smart City projects which are great blend of green initiative projects and innovative technology based smart solutions, New Town can be represented as one of the most developed and most desired city in India for living and for investment in coming days.

While our primary focus is on Green initiative projects to promote environment friendly approach, our technology based Smart solutions are aimed at providing better services to both residents and commuting people. Relying upon the existing infrastructure, we want to further develop a modern urban and scalable eco system with Green and ICT enabled physical and social infrastructure to the citizen of New Town.

While New Town Kolkata Green Smart City Ltd (NKGSCCL) has been formed with this sole purpose of successful implementation of the planned projects for a sustainable technology driven future, nodal agencies like NKDA, HIDCO, WEBEL are also part of this initiative as implementation partners of NKGSCCL.

The successful implementation of such large scale projects cannot happen without the support of citizen. Hence, with the vision statement, “New Town Kolkata Green Smart City aspires to leverage its existing and future investments to create a livable city that is economically vibrant and takes pride in itself”, I urge all to support us in this implementation and provide your timely and periodical feedback for better service offerings.