PAN City Projects

The Pan City Projects are aimed at achieving urban transformation by offering high-class basic infrastructures such as assured water and power supply, sanitation and solid waste management, efficient urban mobility and public transport, IT connectivity, e-governance and citizen participation.

New Upcoming Projects

Ongoing Projects

cover image Cost 3.15 (Cr.)

Selection of Agency to Design, Procure, Install, Operate and Maintain Public Bicycle Sharing System in New Town Kolkata

Setting up and operation of 25 Electric Vehicle Charging Units and related infrastructure at the location of Proposed Multi Level Car Parking plaza in New Town Kolkata

cover image Cost 0.62 (Cr.)

Construction of Graded Cycle Tracks, Cycle Sheds, Signal and Signage. (Group2)

cover image Cost 0.60 (Cr.)

Community Health Card for Citizen on Blockchain Technology including 03 (years) Operation & Maintenance

cover image Cost 2.8 (Cr.)

Real Time Passenger Information Display System (RPIDS) for Public Bus Stops in New Town, Kolkata (Including 2 years of AMC)

cover image Cost 0.2 (Cr.)

Engagement of System Integrator (SI) for Fastag Based Vehicle Parking Solutions in New Town Kolkata

cover image Cost 0.24 (Cr.)

Construction of smart Bus Shelter in front of New Town Mela Ground & Retrofitting of the existing one in front of Swapnobhor in connection with Smart Street at AA-I, of New Town, Kolkata

cover image Cost 3.99 (Cr.)

Construction of Cycle Docking Stations (21 Nos.) at various locations of New Town, Kolkata

cover image Cost 2.66 (Cr.)

Implementation of Public Wi-Fi Zone at different locations of New Town, Kolkata using HIDCO's Backbone Network System (Ph-I) including 05 (Five) years Operation and Management

cover image Cost 1.23 (Cr.)

Construction of Captive Drainage pumping Station (DPS) with Smart pumping Arrangement at Balaka Abasan under NTK Project

cover image Cost 6.19 (Cr.)

Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & 5 Years Maintenance for Network Backbone through OFC for CCTV Surveillance System under New Town Kolkata Green Smart City Projects

cover image Cost 1.62 (Cr.)

Illumination of Solar Street light at the pathway of Green Verge at AA-ID & AA - II, New Town

cover image Cost 0.96 (Cr.)

Contruction of Containerized Toilet at Different Location of New Town, Kolkata

cover image Cost 61.32 (Cr.)

Development of Integrated Vehicular and Pedestrian Safety Measures using Smart Techniques

cover image Cost 2.52 (Cr.)

Cycle Track along the Service Road of MAR in different locations from Jatragachi Bridge to Noapara in New Town, Kolkata (Length - 2450.00 mtrs)

cover image Cost 0.34 (Cr.)

Construction of Smart Cycle Stand Adjacent to DLF Subway, AA-IA, New Town, Kolkata

cover image Cost 3.88 (Cr.)

Improvement of Citizen Communication through Cloud Connected Systems

cover image Cost 0.89 (Cr.)

Smart Bus Shelter at three locations of New Town Kolkata

cover image Cost 13.77 (Cr.)

CCTV Surveilance System for New Town Kolkata (Part - I)

cover image Cost 1.16 (Cr.)

Implementation of Municipal administration & governance system within the e-district eco system.

cover image Cost 7.83 (Cr.)

IT Insfrastructure for new Administration Building of NKDA

Completed Projects

cover image Cost 1.95 (Cr.)

Construction of Cycle Track and barrier free footpath along service road of MAR (Street no. 1111) from 1st Rotary to 3rd Rotary in front of Pride Hotel in AA-I, New Town, Kolkata

cover image Cost 0.48 (Cr.)

Setting up and Running of 24/7 Toll Free Citizen Helpline for New Town Kolkata

cover image Cost 0.75 (Cr.)

Illumination of Solar Street Light at the Pathways of Green Verge at AA-IA, IB, IC of AA-I New Town, Kolkata

cover image Cost 0.16 (Cr.)

Solar Stud Light & Road Stud for Safe Cycling

cover image Cost 1.39 (Cr.)

Cycle Track along with development of 2nd Rotary in front of NOVOTEL HOTEL in AA-I, New Town, KOlkata

cover image Cost 0.42 (Cr.)

CCTV surveillance with video Analytics for different locations of New Town business Club, New Town, Kolkata

cover image Cost 0.15 (Cr.)

Procurement of IT equipments for Smart Library at Nazrul Tirtha Complex, New Town, Kolkata.

cover image Cost 0.46 (Cr.)

Providing Smart Street Light arrangement on the service Road of MAR-1111 at the Axis Mall side at New Town, AA-IC in New Town, Kolkata

cover image Cost 1.21 (Cr.)

Contruction of Cycle Track and Barrier Free Footpath along the service road of MAR-1111 from 1st Rotary in front of AXIS Mall in AA-I, New Town, Kolkata

cover image Cost 0.04 (Cr.)

Implementation and Operation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) of Birth/Death Module of NKDA using Blockchain Technology