Green City Projects

Green City Projects are the perfect response to the growing environmental problems as they promote rich biodiversity, reduce air pollution, ensure better water storage by creating denser, greener and more liveable city.

Completed Projects

Dedicated Cycle track and Pedestrian friendly pathway at a stretch of 1 km

Installation of Wi-Fi network at a stretch of 11 KM of Biswa Bangla Sarani for providing free Wi-Fi in public hot spots.

500 KW Grid Connected Canal top Solar Power Plant near Eco-Park, New Town Kolkata.

Installation of Open air Gym in different bus stops of New Town Kolkata.

Installation of 10 kW GRID connected Floating Solar power plant

Tall Tree Nursery for making Easily Available at reasonable rates for residents

Swapnobhor - Senior Citizen's Park

E-Health Centre

Roof top garden Integrated with solar power plant

E-Vehicle charging station

Water ATM and recycling water

Solar Powered Traffic Signal

Drip irrigation at Eco-Park (Golf course and Tea Garden)

44 Nos of Green Verges in different locations of New Town Kolkata.

Beautification of street light using hanging flower pot